Fortnite Season 4: Incoming Legendary Weapons


We tell you how to get the mythical weapons of Fortnite Season 4, Groot’s bush shield, the Silver Surfer table, mystical bomb and arcane gauntlets of Doctor Doom Marvel has invaded the Fortnite universe on the occasion of Season 4 and the arrival of Galactus.

Along with the most famous heroes of Stan Lee’s comics (Doctor Doom / Doctor Doom, Groot, Iron Man, Wolverine / Wolverine, Mystique, She-Hulk, Thor and Tormenta / Storm) have also arrived a good amount of content, challenges and unlockable with a new Battle Pass, which includes some new weapons. In total we have more than 20 weapons that have been slightly modified to welcome superheroes. These include 4 mythical weapons: Groot’s Bush Shield, Silver Sufer’s Table, and Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gloves.

What are the new mythical weapons in Fortnite?

As you may already know, in Fortnite the mythical weapons are those that only appear in the Solo, Duos and Squads game modes. They are weapons that are found in very specific areas of the map (a map that, we remember, is new in Season 4), and they are carried by characters managed by the console that we will have to defeat if we want to snatch them and get hold of them. In this Season 4 there are specifically four mythical weapons:

  • Groot’s Bush Shield
  • Doctor Doom’s mystical bomb
  • The Arcane Gauntlets of Doctor Doom
  • The Silver Surfer board
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