Fortnite Season 4: How to get keys and vaults


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 makes significant changes to the Vaults, and now players can really open these loot-filled places with Keys. However, some fans may not know where to find the keys they need, or they may not know how to use these items once they are found. This guide is intended to shed light on this issue and help players understand how Shelters work in the Fortnite’s Paradise season.

Fortnite: how to get keys and open vaults

Players who are looking for keys in Fortnite are advised to pay attention to places where chests and loot can be found in abundance on the floors. Indeed, the keys can be obtained from both of these sources, and the Radiant Lagoon, the Rave Cave and the Inclined Towers are some of the best places to search. All these named places have been marked on the map below, and fans who search them thoroughly should have no problem finding a key or two.

No matter where the player gets his keys, he has to open his cards and look for lock icons when he has them. These icons indicate that there is a Shelter in the marked place, where a lock with one keyhole corresponds to a Low-security Shelter, and a lock with two keyholes corresponds to a High-security Shelter. The difference between these two types of vaults is that low-security vaults are opened with a single key, while high-security vaults that contain the best Fortnite mining require two keys.

Having found the nearest castle icon on the map, players must throw a pin and go to it. When they arrive at the marked location, fans will most likely find an object or structure, and they should do whatever is necessary to get under them. This usually means pulling out a harvesting tool in Fortnite and using it to break down some barriers, and it should be perfectly clear to the players when they have reached the Shelter door.

When the player stands in front of the Shelter door with the required number of Keys, he must simply hold the interaction button to get inside. It is noteworthy that this process takes a second, and Fortnite fans should not lose their vigilance while waiting for the door to open. Indeed, when visiting a Shelter, it is not uncommon to encounter an enemy because of the excellent prey that can be found in it.


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