Fortnite season 3: how to unlock the Aquaman skin?


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has finally arrived. This offers an underwater map and it is possible to have the Aquaman skin.

Fortnite fans will be delighted. Season 3 is finally here and it’s possible to get the Aquaman skin from the DC universe.

Fortnite fans have been waiting for the new update for a long time. Indeed, season 3 has been postponed several times and the gamers were somewhat frustrated.

However, this Wednesday, June 17, they were able to discover the new update. This took place at 10 a.m. this morning and it reserved some nice surprises for the fans. In fact, season 3 offers a whole new universe.

Fortnite Season 2 featured the spy world with many bases all over the map. However, for this season 3, it is about water. Gamers were able to discover a map underwater.

This season’s map ended up under water after a huge tsunami. However, gamers should make the most of it because it will evolve over time.


Fortnite season 3 will highlight a decline and new places will emerge. In the meantime, the characters must swim and it is possible to have a new skin. Season 2 had highlighted Deadpool from Marvel.

However, this time, in order to stick to the theme, the video game offers Aquaman’s skin. The superhero has therefore entered and is part of the combat pass just like Deadpool.

But then, how to unlock Aquaman in season 3 of Fortnite? First of all, gamers will have to have the combat pass worth 950 V-Bucks in the game store. Then, once the pass is in possession, simply go to the “Combat pass” tab.

Gamers will have to click on Aquaman in order to have the challenges and they will have to meet the challenges of the superhero in order to unlock his skin. In total there are five and only the first challenge is available.

Indeed, it is about “Use the Vortex of The Flotilla”. No one knows the other challenges, so we will have to be patient. However, Aquaman’s skin has already leaked on the net. Thus, we can discover that it is indeed the character of Jason Momoa who appears in the game.


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