Fortnite: Save the World Unable to Play on macOS


Epic Games announced that “Save the World”, a paid mode of Fortnite, will not be available on macOS as of September 23. The reason for this is that Apple has closed Epic Games’ developer accounts. The company says the game cannot be played on macOS, as it cannot release the new version of the game for macOS.

Gamers talk about the events between Epic Games and Apple most recently. The process that started with Fortnite Mobile, one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, is getting worse every day. Moreover, the fact that neither Epic Games nor Apple is taking a step back puts the process even more in an impasse.

To summarize the events between the giants, it all started with Epic Games allowing Fortnite Mobile to make in-game payments. With this move, Epic Games was enabling players to pay by disabling Google and Apple. As such, Epic Games got rid of commissions and offered cheaper prices to players. Google and Apple also intervened in this situation and removed Fortnite Mobile from the stores. Since that day, no solution has been produced for this issue.

Apple’s closure of the developer account of Epic Games prevents the mod from being updated

Apple’s closure of Epic Games’ developer accounts was a serious problem for the gaming giant. Because after this step, players would not be able to access Epic Games products through the Apple ecosystem in a healthy way. The new victim of this situation is Fortnite: Save the World. Epic Games announced that access through the fashion macOS will expire on September 23, as they were unable to sign for the new version of Fortnite: Save the World.

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Epic Games will release the v14.20 update for Fortnite: Save the World. Stating that this version will provide a bad experience for the players in the current version, Epic Games officials underline that they have to unplug Fortnite: Save the World by saying that they cannot update. However, Epic Games will not victimize players in this process.

Last purchases will be refunded

According to Epic Games’ statements, the last purchases made by players who play Fortnite: Save the World on the macOS platform will be automatically refunded. Anyway, as of today, players will not be able to make purchases for Fortnite: Save the World on macOS. However, the mod’s cross-platform support means players can pick up where they left off. Epic Games says macOS users will continue to access their accounts from other platforms and play games.


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