Fortnite is sad news for the new season!


With the extension of Season 2 of Epic Games’ popular Batte Royale game Fortnite, the new season is delayed. While talking about the possibility of postponing the season, the situation became clear with the official statement about the subject. At the same time, Fortnite 2 episode 3 has been postponed and its history has been announced.

Fortnite 2nd episode season 3 postponed! Here is Fortnite episode 3 season 3 date!
Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, such procrastination news has become almost routine. Many activities in almost every sector were delayed due to the epidemic and some were even canceled. The game industry, of course, takes its share of this situation. Now, Fornite 2 episode 3 is postponed. In the company statement, it does not link the cause of the delay to the epidemic, but the estimates were in this direction.

Fortnite episode 3 season 3 has also been announced by Epic Games as June 4. The company officially announced that the second season of the game will not end on April 30, this period is extended and the third season is delayed. It was also announced that new additions will be made with the updates published for the extended season 2. However, no details were given about the history or features of the updates.

At the same time, Epic Games has canceled all Fortnite tournaments. In addition, the game’s developer team announced that surprises such as new challenges and bonus XP will meet players to compensate for this delay.

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