Fortnite returns to iOS thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now


Fortnite has been out of the App Store for just over two months, but Nvidia’s new release will turn things around.

Fortnite will make a kind of return to iOS devices through the new Nvidia GeForce Now platform, which will offer a gaming service in the cloud.

In announcing the launch of GeForce Now Beta this Thursday, Nvidia described it as a web application compatible with the native browser of Apple devices, Safari.

The launch comes as a web app to bypass Apple’s App Store restrictions on cloud gaming platforms, while avoiding giving Apple a 30% cut in revenue.

One of the games coming to the GeForce Now service will be a version of Fortnite. Nvidia says it is working with Epic to bring touch controls to the PC version of the game.

So while it won’t be the mobile version of the app, it will be something for those gamers looking for their Fortnite fix on iPhone and iPad.

“Together with the amazing team at Epic Games, we are working to enable a touch version of Fortnite, which will delay the availability of the game,” Nvidia said today (via Eurogamer).

“While the GeForce Now library is best experienced on mobile devices with a gamepad, touch is the way more than 100 million Fortnite players have built, fought, and danced to get to Victory Royale. The teams look forward to delivering a Fortnite mobile cloud streaming experience powered by GeForce Now. Members can search for the game on iOS Safari soon. ”

Fortnite’s battle against Apple

Fortnite, of course, has been absent from the App Store for a couple of months due to a dispute with Epic.

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As we reported in Somagnews, Epic had attempted to circumnavigate the App Store regulations by inserting its own payment method into its flagship game. Apple acted quickly to remove it from the App Store.

Since then, a public relations battle has raged, with Epic launching an anti-Apple campaign aimed at uniting other developers behind their cause.

Apple has been adamant against Fortnite and Epic, but this week announced that it would reduce its cut to 15% for the vast majority of App Store developers who make less than $ 1 million a year.


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