Fortnite Removed from Apple App Store


Fortnite, which has millions of players around the world, was removed from Apple’s app store named App Store with the implementation of the new payment system. For the time being, neither side has made a statement.

Epic Games, which has won the hearts of the players with the games it offers every week, is not only known for its discounts and free games, but also for its game called Fortnite, which is a great competitor to PUBG and VALORANT. According to the latest news, Epic Games’ battle royale game has been removed from Apple’s app store App Store.

As of today, Apple has removed the battle royale game Fortnite, which is loved by millions, from the App Store. Although the exact reason behind Apple’s decision is not known, Epic Games’ policy on V-Bucks is thought to have had an impact on the situation.

Apple appears to be unable to agree with Epic over payment

Epic Games has announced that with its new system, it will sell V-Bucks, the currency within Fortnite, directly from within the game. This move, which broke the connection with Fortnite’s published app stores, cost Epic Games dearly.

Epic Games was offering the in-game currency 20% more convenient to players with its new system. V-Bucks purchased directly from Epic were on sale for $ 7.99, while V-Bucks purchased through the Apple App Store were sold for $ 9.99. Apple’s response to this move was harsh.

Apple stated that in terms of use, all in-app purchases must be made through its own platform. In Epic’s final decision, this idea was challenged and a statement was made. In a statement, Epic Games also stated that developers should also be able to generate income through direct payments.

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In the statements made, he stated that Epic Games has successfully completed the payments of $ 1 billion 600 million until this time, and that the industry is protecting the transactions of its customers by using reliable encryption and security measures.


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