Fortnite receives update 12.30 as new items; see patch notes


Fortnite received the update 12.30 this Tuesday (31) on PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and in the mobile version to download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The Epic Games Battle Royale update brought two new items: the Crash Pad, or Kingsman Umbrella, or Kingsman Umbrella, for the film franchise of the same name. In addition, the developer has included a number of bug fixes in the game’s modes. See the game’s 12.30 patch notes below.

The Damping Platform is available as a rare item. It is a springboard used to prevent players from taking damage from their falls and gaining great heights. The other new item, Kingsman Umbrella, appears in rare, epic and legendary forms. Its usefulness is slightly higher than that of the first item, it can cause 50 damage to your blows, be used as a pickaxe, block weapon shots, and also reduce the damage taken in a fall.

It is worth mentioning that the Kingsman Umbrella shield can only be used for a short period of time. However, with so many ways to use it, the weapon could be a good option for players to get out of some difficult situation and create different strategies in their confrontations.

Among the problems with bugs solved in the update, highlighting the tournament score in the lobby and in the match, which were visually incorrect, in the harpoon gun, which was not catching the loots consistently, in the auto pick up, which did not work in the way expected. There was also an adjustment for players playing Fortnite in the 4: 3 format, who could not see the Deadpool Clog, part of the weekly Marvel hero challenges in the game.

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