Fortnite receives the Predator and equipment to be invisible


Last week, it ended up leaking that Fortnite and Predator would do a crossover, which is already a reality! Whoever meets the challenges of the new battle pass can now play with the intergalactic hunter, but that’s not all!

The classic character is also a boss that can be faced on the game map near the Stealthy Stronghold area, which has a jungle very similar to the atmosphere of the original film. If you defeat him, you’ll get the unprecedented Predator Cloaking Device, a cloaking device that leaves you invisible for a limited time!

But it is good to be smart, because if you fall into the water or equip a weapon, the invisibility goes away and you have to wait 30 seconds until you can use it again in the game. ITz Shahkar has already posted a little gameplay of the new accessory in action:

To be able to play and enjoy this content, just install update 15.21 of the game. On Reddit FortniteBR has also been posted as was the complete set of Predator equipment, which can even take off the mask whenever you want


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