Fortnite puts on sale skin with which you will win all your games


Fortnite puts on sale skin with which you will win all your games. You want to know more? It has to do with a famous singer.

On February 14 , Epic Games surprised us all with their daily news, announcing a legendary skin that gave us a recharged experience, as well as a high rate of shields and rocket launchers.

This is something quite rare, since Fortnite is distinguished by having exclusive objects but without affecting the gameplay , however when it redirected us to “buy said skin” the following happened …

That’s right! Fortnite has just “Rickrolled” us all, with this collaboration with the new emote “Never Gonna” , which is a collaboration with the famous singer Rick Astley with his song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

“Never Gonna Give You Up” is one of the pioneering memes of the current internet, since they were one of the first ways to trolle before there were even screamers or fake links, redirecting everyone to this song that deals with heartbreak and the lie.

Fortnite even decided to “Rickrolled” through twitter by showing us a link to a bear that is apparently suffering from something, which redirected us to the emote link.

The Emote is currently available in the Fortnite store and can be purchased for the amount of 500 PaVos , and if you ask, the emote comes with the original song at the time of using it, come on Rickle up your friends !.


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