Fortnite: publisher filed a complaint against Apple!


The war between Fortnite and Apple seems far from over! The video game publisher is suing the Apple brand!

Apple – Fortnite, the tea towel is burning more than ever! While the video game still refuses to give money to the digital giant, it goes further: Epic Games, its publisher, is filing a complaint with the European Commission!

A strong decision on the part of the publisher, but well thought out. As he assumes in the media, “millions of euros are at stake”. And for good reason, iOS users have not had access to video games for several months.

The reason ? Apple claims money for every Fortnite user. Epic Games should therefore donate money to the Apple brand for each download … But it reacts to the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

The German newspaper gives the floor to Epic Games. And the publisher seems ready to go all the way to take on the giant. “We will not stand idly by as Apple uses its dominant position. ”

Before the European Commission, Fortnite will therefore try to prove that it is necessary “to determine what should look like a level playing field in the digital space. »Rules dictated by GAFA…

Because the digital giants are setting the rules for now. Epic Games therefore regrets a huge shortfall when iOS asks to pay to be able to end up on the App Store.

Fortnite: the publisher of the famous video game files a complaint against Apple!


So the publisher of the video game made a big decision: not to give any money. But no longer be available on the App Store. It is therefore a strong choice, which can cost a lot of players, users … and therefore, money.

Faced with this decision, taken months ago, but to which Apple has not backed down, Fortnite is going further. This complaint to the European Commission could have major repercussions. Because Epic Games has ambition!

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of the group, stands up to “change the rules.” These rules, the German newspaper sums it up as follows: “If developers want to sell their apps, they have to use Apple’s payment system and pay the fees. ”

In other words, creation finds itself affected by money problems. But faced with the stubbornness of both parties, Fortnite decided to strike first, and seek the advice of the European Commission.

A very considered complaint, because Europe has been considering for several months a “GAFA tax” to force the digital giants to pay taxes. Epic Games is therefore putting its Grin de sel in the debate, by attacking Apple and its policy …

It remains to be seen what the European Commission can say about this Fortnite – Apple fight. Even if it does not seem favorable to the apple brand, Europe arguably has a lot to lose if it takes on this digital empire.