Fortnite problem is wanted to be resolved ‘without jury’


The Fortnite case, which has recently erupted between Apple and Epic Games, keeps the game world busy. The dispute was exacerbated by the fact that both sides took the matter to the courtrooms. However, the lawyers of both sides shared a consensus that the case should be decided directly by the judge rather than discussed before a jury.

Apple and Epic don’t want jury for Fortnite case

In line with the request submitted to US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Tuesday, the two companies met and decided that the court would resolve the allegations directly without a jury. Epic Games argued that his claims against Apple should be decided by the court without any third force. Apple stated that it withdrew its request for a jury in the case.

Speaking on the subject, Judge Rogers stated that the hearing of the parties in the case cannot be started before July 2021, according to Cnet’s report. The judge also advised the parties to hold a trial with a jury for the final decision, adding that it is up to Epic and Apple to make this choice.

The reason for the trial marathon, which started on August 13, is entirely based on economic fundamentals. Having found the payment system Apple provides unfair for Fortnite, which is played with the Battle Royale logic and hosts nearly 250 million players per day, Epic Games directed the players to its own store for in-game payments. Because the company claimed that it made a 30 percent profit from the products obtained with the Apple in-game purchasing system. Apple also banned the game from its own store upon this development.

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