Fortnite presents the trailer for Season 4


Epic Games releases the inaugural trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, War on the Nexus, starring Marvel superheroes.

The time has come for Season 4 of Fortnite, which is called War in the Nexus, it begins on Thursday, August 27 and has the superheroes of Marvel and Stan Lee as the main protagonists. In the first trailer shared by Epic Games we can see some of the characters that will be available as skins, such as Dr. Doom / Dr. Death, Groot, Iron Man, Wolverine / Wolverine, Mystique, She-Hulk, Thor and Tormenta / Storm, who have been teleported to the universe of Fortnite Chapter 2, in which even the Bananas have developed Wolverine claws. But instead of facing each other, the heroes must join forces to fight against Galactus, who is heading to the island to cause a real catastrophe and end the Fortnite universe as we knew it.


Fortnite, at war with Apple and Google

This Season 4 Nexus arrives in the midst of Fortnite’s war against Apple and Google. Both companies have removed the famous battle royale from the iOS and Android store, so the game can no longer be downloaded on our iPhone, iPad and mobile phones. The reason? Broadly speaking, companies like Apple take 30% of the money generated by all the applications in their store, and Epic Games implemented a system in Fortnite to get around that commission. By saving it, they can put a price up to 20% cheaper on their products, a reason that they have used in their defense and with which they have wanted to win the support of users. The creators of Fortnite have sued Apple and Google for their policies and for withdrawing the game, and waiting for justice to decide, they have created an ad that mocks Apple and that, parodying that first and legendary Steve Jobs commercial, encourages people to join the fight against big corporations. They call it the #FreeFornite movement, it has the support of Xbox and Microsoft, and within the game it allows us to get an Evil Tycoon skin that is shaped like an apple. We will see which side the balance falls now that the matter is in the hands of the courts.

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