Fortnite on PS5: this is how it will make use of DualSense


Epic Games explains what we can expect from Fortnite improvements on PS5 and its next-generation controller, the DualSense. This is how we will feel the triggers.

Epic Games details how Fortnite will take advantage of the functionalities of the DualSense, the next generation controller that comes with the PS5. The study talks about “initial use” in relation to the features it will use once it hits the market.

Fortnite will use adaptive triggers to simulate the sensation of pulling the trigger on weapons. Specifically, the type of resistance will vary depending on the model we choose. If we select a weapon that fires once for each trigger press, it will use “trigger feedback”, with which “you will feel the real resistance of pulling its triggers while pulling the trigger on the DualSense.”

For weapons that need to hold the trigger to fire, such as the Minigun or the explosive bow, the feedback will be “sustained”. Michael House, Community Coordinator at Epic Games, refers to feeling “the resistance that reminds what it feels like to charge a bow or keep a Minigun firing.”

As we said at the beginning, House himself alludes that this is “the initial use”; during his statements there is not a single mention of haptic feedback from the controller. “This is just the beginning of our plans on PS5!” He concludes.

Fortnite on PS5: improvements and release date

As we collected at the beginning of November, the debut of Fortnite in the new generation comes from the hand of a version dedicated to the hardware of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. On PS5 we can expect 4K resolution at 60 images per second. Dynamic physical and visual effects will make trees and grass more responsive to explosions, for example. The clouds and the storm will also see their quality increased.

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Thanks to the SSD unit, the performance of the charging processes will increase compared to the current generation, among other functions such as the split screen at 60 fps. According to the Americans, this improved version will be available during the week of November 9.


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