Fortnite is now an option in American high schools!


A “Fortnite” option for the bin? This dream seems to have come true for American high school students where E-sport now has its place in the classroom.

Fortnite will land in “most American high schools” as an option . Yes, the phenomenon game has become an activity recognized by the NFHS, the national federation of associations of state high schools. If they want, students can therefore follow an e-sports course.

Fortnite lessons ? It sounds like a hoax. However, the NFHS has decided. From now on, it will be possible to take e-sport as an option. And all state high schools are eligible . It remains to be seen whether they will all agree to offer this program to their students or not.

Starting February 26, an 8-week regular season will begin. Before the seasons start, the students will therefore follow a two-week pre-season. Besides Fortnite , students will be able to practice thumbs on League of Legends, Rockey League and SMITE . MCE TV tells you everything.

For enthusiasts, E-sport is not just a geek thing. In the United States, it has in any case become a very serious extra-curricular activity. From now on, it will be possible to train at Fortnite in a school setting. As a practical matter, PlayVS will take care of everything. The company will provide the high schools that offer this option with a platform to manage teams and schedules. The year will be divided between two seasons: spring and autumn . High school students have until February 17 to register.

Thus, Fortnite matches will take place on Wednesday. Tuesday will be devoted to League of Legends, and Thursday to SMITE and Rockey League. Everything suggests that e-sport is on the way to becoming a sport like any other. Something to delight fans of Fortnite from the start. At the same time, the university of Ashland wants to attract its future students with scholarships of $ 4,000 thanks to its e-sport curriculum . So we just have to wait for the next bac reform to hope to see an e-sport option in France.


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