‘Fortnite Novel’: Epic won’t have to pay damages to Apple


Epic Games and Apple continue to fight in court and, this week, the soap opera won another chapter in the United States. A California judge ruled that the game developer will not have to pay damages to the iPhones’ manufacturer because of Fortnite’s departure from the App Store.

The popular battle royale was removed from the store in August, after Epic Games adopted its own means of payment within the game. Apple claimed that the company made the move on purpose and asked for compensation to cover the money lost on the App Store during the few hours that the app did not follow the guidelines, before being banned from the platform.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers resolved to comply with a request from the Epic Games attorney and dismissed the charge. With that, the game developer will not need to pay damages to Apple because of the violation.

The judge defined Epic’s conduct as a “breach of contract” and said the situation was also an “antitrust case”. Shortly after Fortnite was removed from the App Store, the developer filed a lawsuit accusing the owner of the iPhones of having anti-competitive practices in its operating system, in addition to holding an in-game event by mobilizing players against the Cupertino firm.

The end of the indemnity claim is not the first time that judges have ruled against Apple in court. During legal battles, the company was also banned from completely banning the Epic Games account from the App Store, in order to ensure that developers with games made on Unreal Engine are not affected.

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