Fortnite: Ninja has a rant against the famous game!


The famous Ninja streamer has just taken a heavy rage against Fortnite, a game that made him famous a few months ago

A few days ago, SuperData established the ranking of the most profitable games of the year 2019. Not surprisingly, Fortnite rose to first place. The Epic Games “baby”, raking in almost $ 2 billion a year. A success notably due to its streamers and followers such as Ninja. The latter is undoubtedly the most well-known Youtuber for fans of the game. Capable of performing incredible sequences with his keyboard and making Top 1 in almost each of its parts.

That’s why Epic Games must probably want to take care of Ninja. Because if the latter stops playing Fortnite, the studio could lose many players and therefore, a lot of money. Precisely, the streamer seems more and more annoyed by the Battle Royale in recent days.

If you’re a Fortnite enthusiast, you know there have been several updates and a new season. This generates several bugs according to the pro player. The latter therefore pushing a rant for a very specific reason.

Following the numerous updates made on Fortnite, certain aspects of the game suffer. As Ninja points out in his rant, there would be many “lags” and IPS drops in the game … Enough to annoy the biggest players, but also the most novice. This is why the streamer got carried away, according to the Dextero site:

“My lag game, I have a lot of freezes, falling IPS all the time … come back [Epic Games], update the game”.

It remains to be seen whether the developers of Fortnite have heard the call from their goose that lays the golden eggs. We hope for them. Because, as we told you, if Epic Game does not comply with the “orders” of the world famous player, the latter may well find a new occupation.


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