Fortnite: new voice lines tease a huge event in S5!


New event in perspective on Fortnite! Indeed, the most famous Battle Royale in the world has just teased a big surprise in S5.

The Fortnite S5 promises to be full of new features! Indeed, a new event is emerging for the 5th season of the game that we no longer present to you. The latest update hides clues about what’s to come in its voice lines. Something that will revolve around zero point, we learn. What to expect ?

Fortnite continues to tease us about what’s going to happen in game. Indeed, the game of Battle Royale prepares for each update large-scale vents.

This time, for the S5, we will be entitled to something grand. Although things remain unclear, as Epic Games like to do.

Remember: Season 4 ended with the Galactus event, marking a hiatus from crossover with Marvel.

This time around, we know that season 5 will have an equally surprising finale. His latest event is becoming clearer between the vocal lines of the game, and we know that the zero point will have its role to play.

So what are the latest Fortnite voice lines hiding and what do they tell us about the future of S5 events? We are looking into the issue and deciphering it for you.


In game, you will quickly see that NPCs no longer have the same lines of dialogue. The latest patch changed their vocal lines and leave clues lying around.

If it seems frequent, these latest changes seem to push open doors. Like when you talk to Bunker Jonesy.

The latter exclaims, “Here he is. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ”. While Mancake will say the following: “Has this thing always been so… Unstable?” ”

Of course, these aren’t the only ones reacting weirdly to Fortnite among non-player characters. Deadfire will say that “mysterious things have happened around these areas”.

In the case of Mancake and Deadfire, the latter two are right next to the hot spot, zero point. As for Bunker Jonesy, there are plenty of theories linking him to the events of Season 5.

So what could possibly be going on in this Fortnite S5? Things still seem to be on hold and Season 5 is expected to end in almost a month.

Epic Games therefore remains discreet about the future of events, even if a few theories have emerged. Current speculations suggest the possibility that zero point takes you to a whole new dimension!

Again, nothing of course, just speculation, as usual. Now we just have to keep playing to see the future of Virtual Island.


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