Fortnite May Receive Skins From Naruto, Lady Gaga and LeBron James


Fortnite: The battle rouyale Fortnite is known for receiving unusual skins, including the Brazilian Neymar Jr, but Epic Games does not want to stop there. A series of leaked documents revealed more character ideas for the game, such as Naruto, singer Lady Gaga and athlete LeBron James.

The documents appeared in the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple and include everything from concepts to more elaborate arts for the game. In a series of slides presenting ideas for content for the game, the developer shows famous icons that can show up in battle royale and a new game mode.

The list of new skins is varied and mixes game characters, movie stars and even pop music stars. One of the highlights is Samus Aran, a character in Nintendo’s Metroid franchise, who appears alongside Kratos and Master Chief in the documentation.

The roles also mention the anime character Naruto, singers Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, as well as Katniss Everdeen, from the Hunger Games franchise. Actors The Rock and John McClane, famous for participating in action films, are also mentioned in the leaked documentation.

Check out the list with some skins that might appear in Fortnite:

Samus Aran
Kat niss ever deen
The Bride (Kill Bill)
Snake Plissken (Escape from New York)
John McClane (Hard to Kill)
Ariana Grande
Lady Gaga
LeBron James
The Rock

Basketball mode coming up?

Another interesting detail that came up in the documents is a special basketball game mode for Fortnite. The novelty would arrive with the skins of athletes Lebron James and Zion Williamson.

The basketball mode is supposed to allow players to face off against teams of up to four users. The matches would take place on a court set up within the battle royale map, according to the records.

The documents show images of the basketball mode and an event called Downtown Dunk, which would occur with the launch of the Zion Williamson and LeBron James skins. Players could also purchase other sports-themed items, such as emotes and sprays.

Although the information appeared in an official document, the new skins have not been confirmed in Fortnite. The content can only be conceptual and the disclosure of confidential documents can even result in the cancellation of certain projects.

On the other hand, the documents also mention events that have already occurred in Fortnite, such as the crossover with Marvel and the arrival of Neymar Jr in the game. Soon, it may be that some of the news will arrive in the battle royale in the future.


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