Fortnite: les grenades retirées du jeu à cause d’un souci bientot de retour !


Fortnite players have seen grenades disappear from the game! But don’t worry: they are coming back soon. While the team fixes a bad bug.

And it’s no longer bim bam boom, on Fortnite! “Following a concern, the grenades were temporarily deactivated in Battle Royale, in all game modes,” the firm announced on its Twitter account.

Many people console themselves on Fortnite during confinement. Among them, some were able to see a bug that affected the grenades in play.

Yes, some time ago, you could throw grenades … endlessly! A salvo, in short, very difficult if not impossible to counter.

It’s not very fair play for a game like Fortnite. Finally, the developers are in the process of correcting this ugly bug.

This, to the chagrin to whom this glitch profited. Yes, you are no longer entitled to these explosive items in abundance.

If you can not therefore bring grenades on Fortnite, the Twitter account of the Battle Royale game assured that this equipment would come back very quickly.

To reassure its fans, Fortnite France has promised to keep them informed as soon as they return. In the meantime, there remains a whole arsenal to use in the game, even if the grenades are apparently very devastating.

But hey, spamming players with grenades is not really a game. We even lose all the fun.

As a reminder, Fortnite is an online game like Battle Royale. This is an MMO in which players compete against each other, until there is only one left.

And it can be said, many spend monster hours there during confinement. Even before that, by the way.

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