Fortnite: Leaks Video With Spoilers From The End Of Chapter 2 Event


SPOİLER!!! Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming to an end, and despite urging the leakers not to leak details of the next stage in the game’s story, Epic Games itself seems to have stepped on the ball and unintentionally released spoilers.

The season 2 finale event will take place this Saturday, December 4th, but apparently yesterday (1) even the creator of the popular battle royale may have released a Chapter 3 announcement video, potentially showing some of what players are going to do. see this weekend.

The video, which raises the possibility of returning the original Fortnite map, was originally posted on a TikTok ad account. You can check it out in the tweet below:

As seen in the advertisement, it seems that the theories about there being another island below the current one were correct. The existence of another location on the opposite side, like two sides of the same coin, had already been indicated a few weeks ago by several influencers and leakers. Even Donald Mustard, the game’s Creative Director, has on several occasions stated that he will find players on the “other side”.

Also giving strong hints about the Fortnite Chapter 2 finale event is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In the game, the actor gives life to the character Foundation, leader of the organization known as The Seven.

In a recent video published by the former professional fighter, it is possible to see a weapon and the character’s helmet. At a certain point, the camera is turned upside down, in what undoubtedly refers to the opposite island, on the “other side”.