Fortnite Leak Reveals Next Major Map Change


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 got off to a surprisingly quiet start. The map changed between seasons, but it took weeks before Vibin’s new quest line gave Battle Royale a direction for the future development of the map. Now Zero Point has returned to its old tricks, and the Reality Tree is blooming, its roots and shoots are spreading with the help of the Fortnite player base. As for what’s next, the leaders may have discovered the next place on the Fortnite map to get the conversion.

Liqueurs have discovered the next location that Epic Games will change, presumably planned for the next Fortnite update. The place that will change is the temple located between Rocky Riles and the Jones landmarks. Fortnite players will recognize it as a relatively safe place with a lot of chests. However, this is not particularly noteworthy and seems to be the ideal place for drastic changes.

According to sources, this new temple site is referred to in the Fortnite files as the “Tower”. Alternatively, the location can be called “Temple Blossom” in accordance with the changes in other locations made during season 3. the map change will look based on these name references. Imagine a blooming temple that perhaps takes the form of a tower.

For context: This season, the Reality Tree is spreading throughout the Fortnite map. These roots burst out of the ground, forming new flowers of the Tree of Reality. These locations then transformed from match to match, their realities changed. Themes include, among other things, future or piracy settings. The idea is that every time players enter a match, the map will offer something unique and unexpected, as well as show that everything is going crazy and a potential catastrophe is growing.

The temple is not the only place that will soon change on the Fortnite map. For example, a temple is not currently a POI, so its changes may be more mundane. Big changes are coming to Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon, two relatively ordinary locations that could be revived to make them more enjoyable.

This Fortnite season is expected to be longer than most, so Epic Games seems to be taking its time with significant map changes. The changes made continue to make the current map more exciting in different ways, and also move the Fortnite story forward. Expect the Reality Tree to continue growing in the coming weeks and months.

Fortnite is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile devices.