Fortnite Leak May Reveal Next Arcane Crossover



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The long line of Fortnite crossovers is often an advantage of the game. Thanks to numerous deals, Epic Games has created an impressive catalog of licensed characters that players can control while fighting for a Royal Victory. From Star Wars to Naruto, Fortnite is becoming an increasingly successful platform not only for Epic, but also for advertising many companies and artists.

One of the incredibly popular properties that got into the game is the Netflix animated series League of Legends, Arcane, a show that tells the story of sisters Violet and Jinx, who struggle with their strained relationships amid the raging waves of the revolutionary movement. After an extremely positive reception of the show by both critics and viewers, Epic introduced Jinx from Arcane to Fortnite along with Violet. According to some sources, now that the second season of Arcane is in production, players can purchase another fan-favorite character.

Reliable industry insider @HYPEX on Twitter confirmed from several sources that Mel, a politician from Piltover and a key character in Arcane, could be featured in Fortnite’s next collaboration with Netflix. In a tweet, HYPEX states that, “according to 2 different sources that have been true several times,” the Mel skin is in development. This is not surprising, given Arkane’s popularity and her importance not only as a rich and interesting character, but also as an influential black feminist figure in the media.

Judging by the responses to the tweet, the fans received it mostly positively, although some express disappointment with the news. Although Mel is an attractive League of Legends character, many would prefer characters like Caitlin, Violet’s rifle—wielding lover, to appear in the game. It’s hard to argue with this point of view, since Kate plays a much bigger role in the series and is deeply intertwined with the emotional break in Violet and Jinx’s relationship. Moreover, her Asian lesbian status will bring much-needed insight to Fortnite players around the world.

Other players seem upset that in the show, which is mostly led by women, some of the male characters have not yet appeared in the game. User JoJoJosiah_ttv notes that neglecting characters such as Jace, Silko and Ekko in favor of Mel is like transferring Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars to Fortnite instead of Darth Vader. However, Epic Games seems to realize that female skins are more popular than their male counterparts. Of the 20 skins that got into the Fortnite Crew subscription, more than half were women, and nine of the top 10 Fortnite Twitch streamers regularly use female skins in the game.

This announcement symbolizes the continued success of Fortnite’s cross-collaborations, which is likely to spread to many more shows, movies and games in the future. Moreover, it shows a commitment to Epic and, perhaps, a bias to attract thin women from large intellectual possessions to the game, rather than characters with different body types. Anyway, fans will most likely see Mel and possibly other Arcane characters who will appear in Fortnite in the coming months when Season 2 is released in 2023.

Fortnite is currently available for Android, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.