Fortnite: Lachlan’s Peak Frenzy tournament announced


Epic Games announces the Spike Frenzy tournament from content creator Lachlan in Fortnite. Playing we can get the Lachlan skin for free.

On Sunday, November 1, 2020, Epic Games announced through a publication on the official Fortnite blog the Lachlan Peak Frenzy Tournament, a new competition in which, by participating and staying in a good position, we can obtain the skin for free Lachlan before he gets to the store. We tell you everything we know about this event of Season 4 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2:

Fortnite: Lachlan Peaks Frenzy Tournament announced; how to get your skin for free

According to Epic Games, the Lachlan Peak Frenzy tournament will begin on Sunday, November 8. In Spain it will start at 4:00 p.m. CET, and will last until 6:00 p.m. CET. We can check the schedule (different for each region) in the “Compete” tab. Winners can win their skin, pickaxe, backpack, and emote before they hit the store.

It is a tournament with special rules:

The format is Trios, so we will have to play with two more people.
There will only be pickaxes as a primary weapon. Other secondary objects will be available such as rusty cans, S.E.Ñ.U.E.L.O. grenades, or impulse grenades.
There will be no healing items or shields. To heal ourselves, we will have to eliminate opponents or use gestures / dances.
The maximum number of construction items is 10.
These are the positions in which we have to stay to get the Lachlan skin, her backpack, her pickaxe and her gesture for free, depending on our region:

  • Europe: between 1st and 1,100th
  • United States – East Coast: between 1st and 700th
  • United States – West Coast: between 1st and 300th
  • Brazil: between 1st and 300th
  • Asia: between 1st and 150th
  • Oceania: between 1st and 150th
  • Middle East: between 1st and 150th
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As we can see, it is a tournament that lives up to its name, since it is focused on the peaks and, therefore, on close combat. We can read the full tournament rules here.

To participate in the Peak Frenzy tournament, we will have to access the “Compete” tab of Fortnite Battle Royale. The tournament will last two hours, and we can play a maximum of ten games in total while it lasts.

It is not yet known what the appearance of the Lachlan skin or the rest of the accessories of his set will be. We remind you that, after the arrival of Lachlan to the Fortnite Idol series, the next content creator to join this line will be the Spanish TheGrefg.


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