Fortnite: J Balvin would have a skin


According to a leak, the artist J Balvin would have a concert at the Fortnite Battle Royale Master Party, in addition to his own skin. We tell you.

Last Tuesday, October 13, patch 14.30 arrived at Fortnite Battle Royale. With it brought numerous changes and novelties to the flagship game of Epic Games, although with this new content update other juicy information was leaked: the Colombian artist J Balvin would have a concert at Fortnite’s Magistral Party, and an additional style would also come to the game “J Balvin “for the Party Trooper skin. We tell you everything we know just below:

UPDATE 10/20/2020 3:50 PM: According to the HYPEX dataminer, the J Balvin concert would be held on October 31, 2020.

Fortnite: a leak reveals that J Balvin would hold a concert and have a skin in the game
In the game’s “routine” datamining session after the release of patch 14.30, the reputed dataminer VastBlast (@VastBlastt on Twitter) revealed the following information, extracted thanks to a bot created by him that he uses to reveal any changes in the texts that is both within Fortnite and in the source code of the game’s official website.

According to this new line of text added to the code, the singer J Balvin would give a concert at Fiesta Magistral, and, in addition, the Party Trooper skin would receive an additional style based on the artist. No more weighty data is known for now, such as the date and time this event would be held, or the arrival of that additional style for the Fortnite Party Trooper costume.

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As we say, it is a leak of a text extracted as is from the game servers. Whoever leaked it is one of the minds behind, a website developed by fans with multiple functionalities for the community, such as the ability to see the game store in real time without having to enter it. In other words: it is someone with a solid reputation and, therefore, it seems to us to be reliable information.

Regarding the text of J Balvin within Fortnite, we must stick to the facts. That this text is within the game, although not publicly, can mean two things: that it is included because, indeed, the launch of both the concert and the skin are scheduled for a date yet to be determined, or that it remains in the code of residual form because at some point there was a negotiation between Epic Games and the artist and it did not come to fruition.


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