Fortnite: its best player will have his skin in Fall Guys!


For a few years now, Fortnite gaming has been a real phenomenon. The best player in the world is entitled to a nice tribute.

It’s a real phenomenon. For a few years now everyone has been playing Fortnite. So much so that recently, a world championship was organized. And this last was a real date.

The Fortnite game has arrived with a bang. In just a few weeks, it has become a real phenomenon becoming one of the most famous games in the world.

And for good reason, given the success of this game, the creator Epic Games knows how to adapt. Indeed, the latter is constantly renewing itself so that the game sticks as closely as possible to current affairs and evolves as much as possible.

And a few weeks ago now, Epic Games unveiled the novelty for this winter. This was a special operation in Fortnite.

“This is indeed a temporary operation that comes on top of the weekly challenges, and which aims to collect a lot of rewards for the players, as well as new gifts and XP of course. This op “Snowfall” therefore takes place from December 18 until January 5 “. Declared Epic Games then.


But that’s not all. Epic Games then unveiled the differences in rewards for Fornite players. The least that can be said is that it didn’t take much more to get the fans excited.

And more precisely Ninja. And for good reason, the young man is the best player in the world of Fortnite. “Ninja, the best Fortnite player in the world, also received a character skin for the popular battle royale from Epic Games earlier this year,” reveals the creator.

Indeed, Fall Guys having become very famous, everyone wanted to appear in the game. Fortnite therefore chose to ask Fall Guys directly if Ninja, being an emblematic character could appear in it. A news that obviously delighted the fans!


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