Fortnite Is Transferring Another Comic Book Character!


Fortnite adds another name from the comic book world. Venom was presented to the players with its special animations.


Epic Games-made Fortnite continues to grow. The production, which has always managed to be at the forefront of its competitors in the battle royale category, continues to keep itself alive. A new character will be added to the game, which attracts attention with its constant keeping itself alive.

Fortnite, which is very good with popular culture, will bring together a well-known name from the world of comics and cinema with the actors. Epic Games, which made the announcement on social media, will bring some character-specific surprises.

Venom surprise for Fortnite players

Venom: Let There be Carnage will be released soon. As such, the interest in the character and the universe is also quite high. Epic Games, which wanted to take advantage of this situation, also ended its work. The studio, which previously added Venom, will this time take the character directly from the movie universe.

Epic Games, which will include the character of Eddie Brock in the game, also comes with a surprise. The company will not sell Eddie Brock and Venom as separate costumes in-game. Players will experience a single pack where they can have character transformation.

Players who will start the game as Eddie Brock will be able to transform their characters into Venom as soon as they see the Venom Unleashed phrase. However, users who do not want to take advantage of the feature will have the opportunity to experience this event the other way around.

The Eddie Brock costume pack will appear in front of players with its ax exclusive to Venom. Also, the bulk Venom pack will include special emotes, stickers, a symbiote-winged glider and a special fall effect. Compared to Venom, which was added last year, a more comprehensive package will be waiting for players. However, people who have previously purchased the items listed above will also spend less V-Bucks for the bulk package.

The Venom add-on, also modeled on Tom Hardy, was included in the game as of the second episode, season eight. Let’s see if Epic Games will be able to capitalize on the interest in the movie. We’ll wait and see.

What do you guys think about the update for Fortnite? Would you like to be included in the universe with Venom? Do not forget to share your views with us.


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