Fortnite introduces new costumes and cosmetics by John Cena


What distinguishes Fortnite from all competitors is the constant influx of new crossover skins and events. Although there were rumors about the imminent release of the Last of Us crossover, they were refuted by Naughty Dog co-president Neil Drakmann, but they were plausible, because anything could happen in Fortnite. It included everything from NFL-based skins to Naruto, and pretty much anything anyone could come up with in between.

Now it looks like the latest crossover is linked to WWE as part of Epic Game’s SummerSlam celebration. Indeed, there are only a few days left before the WWE SummerSlam tournament: Logan Paul vs. the Miz, Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship, Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reines for the WWE Universal Championship and much more. WWE is promoting this major event in several ways, including a new Jelly Roll theme song called “Summer Nights”.

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Although John Cena is not on the SummerSlam card, he is a good choice to keep WWE in mind. He will be added to the item store on July 28 at 20:00 Eastern European time, and he will have two outfits: his iconic entrance gear and ring gear style. Fortnite outfits are part of John Cena’s complete set, which includes a WWE title decoration on the back (suitable for a 16-time champion), a Five Digit Slapper pickaxe with an open hand and an emotion U Can’t C Meβ€” based on his iconic hand wave.

It’s no doubt exciting, but it’s not the first time John Cena has connected to Fortnite. A few months ago, there were rumors, which now seem unfounded, that John Cena would come to Fortnite… as his character Peacemaker from DCEU. Whether this John Cena costume is perfect as it is or the DCEU Peacemaker would be better depends only on preferences, but the release time of John Cena in Fortnite is, to put it mildly, good.

Fortnite, as always, was busy, as were WWE-related events. After the board of directors investigated several allegations of sexual harassment, WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced his retirement. It’s a difficult situation, but his resignation may be for the best while the investigation is still underway and proper punishments are handed out. In any case, WWE, SummerSlam and Fortnite insist on their own, and this could be a new era for the wrestling company.

Fortnite is available on all major platforms.


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