Fortnite Inaccessible: The Black Hole That Traumatizes The Fans!


Since yesterday, fans of Fortnite no longer have access to the game. They always find themselves facing a black hole at the launch. Still, the game should be available again quickly. MCE explains everything!

It is a real surprise that we have reserved Fortnite editors. While everyone was waiting for the end of season 10, no one expected this surprise. There were many players to respond to the invitation to celebrate the end of season 10. Nobody could think that this could be the end of the game.

Fortnite seemed to be preparing for the end of the season as there were others. On Twitch and Youtube, however, the spectators had a real surprise. And the party turned into a nightmare. The launch of the rocket caused an explosion. Then a huge black hole made its appearance. The cards and characters have all been snapped up by this mysterious black hole. He signs the official end of season 10 and augurs bad omens.

Since, any connection is impossible. The players are all blocked in front of this famous black hole when they open the game. To reassure no one, Fortnite to publish on Twitter an eloquent message. ” It is the end. Enough for the famous royal battle to disappear and leave his fans with nothing. Hard to say. But that seems unlikely.

Rumors assume that Fortnite would like to get a makeover. With the end of this season 10, publishers could launch a kind of Fortnite 2.0. But when will the game be available again? Some announce a return on October 17 at 10am. But nothing official though.

Fans of the game will have to take their trouble. And hope that the game comes back as soon as possible. We are waiting for an announcement from Epic Games.

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