Fortnite: How to Use Mounted Turrets to Damage Vehicles


Another Fortnite season is coming to an end, and players must complete their quests to get as much XP as possible before time runs out. With this season’s battle pass containing a large number of bonus rewards, completing the challenges will be the fastest way to level up, get those battle stars and get all the possible rewards.

Quests towards the end of this season have become much more specific in terms of what is expected of players, and therefore a plan should be made in advance before jumping out of the Fortnite battle bus to ensure that these quest games run as smoothly as possible. . This guide should help players complete the quest as quickly as possible, indicating the best way to do it.

Vehicles can be found all over the Fortnite map, but for this quest it is vital to go to an area where many cars are grouped together so that players have the advantage of completing it in one game. Turrets will attract the attention of players, so the faster this quest is completed, the better, since enemies who want to get into fights will immediately come to this action.

Where to damage cars with an installed tower

The best place to go after jumping off the Fortnite bus is to go to the Sanctuary. Here players will be able to find an armored battle bus with two turrets on the roof, both of which can be used for this quest. Once inside the Fortnite armored battle bus, players must direct it to the gas station, which is located almost directly to the west of the Sanctuary. Thus, it will be easy to avoid any action that is already happening without taking any damage, as usually enemy players try to hide or escape from the bus in single-player games.

Upon arrival at the gas station, there should be plenty of cars that players can use to complete this Fortnite quest. Just press any button necessary to switch locations, depending on the platform chosen for the game, and make sure that the character is at one of the two installed towers. Then just start shooting at all the cars until enough damage is done to complete the quest. And after that, players will have an easy escape route from this area with the help of an armored combat bus. Just be careful not to shoot at gas stations, otherwise the entire gas station will burn down and players will not be able to complete this task.