Fortnite: How to Unlock the Messenger in Chapter 3, Season 4, Battle Pass


We all hunted and were hunted by the Herald in Fortnite just to get Herald’s Explosive Rifle at the beginning of the game. Now Fortnite has allowed us to purchase the Messenger himself as a playable character!

All you have to do is complete The Herald Battle Pass quests available now to unlock The Herald Outfit and other items from the Nothing’s Forever Set. However, you need to purchase a Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass to complete the Messenger quests. After completing these quests, you will receive a Messenger’s equipment, a pickaxe with an epitaph, a Herald’s graffiti, a Messenger’s banner badge and a decoration on the back of a dying ember cloak. Each quest will give you one of the listed cosmetics.

Messenger Quests are listed below for reference on how to get a Messenger:


Complete three tasks on page 1 to unlock the Messenger Suit! You can complete The Page 1 quests in any order.
LIGHT 50 BUILDINGS: Fire cannot destroy the power of the Messenger. Opens the Epitaph Edge pickaxe.
ELIMINATE 10 OPPONENTS: Destruction is a key component of Nothing. Opens graffiti Leer from The Herald.
DEAL 500 DAMAGE TO OPPONENTS BY APPROACHING CHROME-PLATED: Feel the power of Chrome… Opens the icon of the Messenger Banner.
TAME TWO CHROME-PLATED WILD CREATURES. Even animals know that they are in paradise. Opens the decoration on the back of the Cloak of the disappearing ember.

For completing all the quests on page 1, you will also unlock page 2 of The Herald quests for additional rewards! These awards consist of different styles of The Herald. Ultimately, you will get the Emotion of the Reality Wizard, the Chrome-gratulations Smiley Face, the “Nothing is Happening” Loading Screen, the Heraldic Wrapper and the “Flaming Coal” Style for the Herald costume.


Complete the quests on page 2 in any order.
DESTROY 50 OBJECTS WITH AN EXPLOSIVE PISTOL: Try your hand at the art of destruction. Unlocks the main emotion of reality.
GET CHROME PLATING WHILE DRIVING: You need fuel too. Opens the Chrome-gratulations emoji.
TALK TO 3 CHARACTERS AND PASS ON THE HERALD’S WARNING: It’s okay. Opens the boot screen “Nothing is happening”.
ELIMINATE 2 OPPONENTS IN AERIAL LOCATIONS: some may try to find solace in the sky… Opens the heraldic cape.
LAND IN THE HERALD SANCTUARY AND TAKE THE TOP 10 IN THE MATCH: Can you prove yourself worthy in the eyes of The Herald? Opens the “Flaming Coal” style for the Messenger’s equipment.

If you have a Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass, Messenger quests are now available on the Quests page. Tasks will remain available until the end of the season!


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