Fortnite: How to turn into a white boulder


One of the tasks of the 2nd week for the 3rd season of Fortnite, chapter 3 is “To break into an escaped boulder and knock it out with a ball”, for which participants receive 15,000 XP. Baller is a vehicle introduced in the 8th season of Chapter 2, and since then it has not it was used in the 3rd season of the current chapter. This vehicle is a single-seat terrain vehicle that offers Boost and Grapple features in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 3. Boosting significantly increases the speed of the Baller due to rapid energy consumption, and Grappling allows the driver to move by tethering. to a surface or object.

Accordingly, Fortnite fans need to use these two Baller functions to complete the quest “Speed up a runaway boulder and knock it out with Baller”. The first step is to purchase a Baller, which can be found in the Rave Cave in the snowy northwestern part of the island. There are about nine Ballers near this attraction. Since their number is limited, be careful of other players visiting Rave Cave who will probably want to compete for these Vehicles in Fortnite.

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Three Ballers can be found in the head of the giant Cuddly team leader in the Rave Cave, and two more are underground in the cave. Two more can be found near the outer rail in the east, and one Baller sits at the northern track, to the west of the Lam estate. Finally, another one is located by the river, opposite the highway near Seven Outpost V.

Knocking out a boulder with a baller in Fortnite

After Fortnite players have successfully obtained Baller, they can start searching for Runaway Boulder to displace it. Escaped boulders are large interacting objects that are randomly placed on a mound of smaller stones. These boulders can be found in different places on the map. For example, one is located at the top of a small peak to the southeast of Lam Manor, and the other is on the western slope of Rave Cave in Fortnite. They are quite noticeable, so they are easy to find even at a distance.

To dislodge a runaway boulder in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 3, players need to use the aforementioned Boost ability to crash into a giant rock. If fans have positioning issues or don’t hit the target, they can use Grapple to line up for the offset. Here is a list of controls to use Boost with Baller in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 3:

PC: Spacebar PlayStation: XXbox button: ASwitch button: B button