Fortnite: how to get TheGrefg skin for free


We tell you how to get TheGrefg skin in Fortnite for free. Get both the skin and its items by participating in exclusive events.

On January 11, 2021, the content creator TheGrefg presented his skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, in what was a historic event for the Twitch platform as it surpassed the barrier of 2,000,000 simultaneous viewers. In this announcement, he also commented that there will be ways to get TheGrefg skin for free in Fortnite. We tell you everything we know about this skin and its new objects, belonging to Season 5 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2

How to get TheGrefg skin for free in Fortnite

Before starting, we clarify that this information is not completely complete, and is based on what Grefg himself commented in his direct. We will expand this news as soon as Epic Games gives official information about it.


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