Fortnite: How to get a Starfire skin


In terms of crossovers and collaborations, Fortnite has really succeeded, and many consider the popular Battle royale to be the leader in this field. Since the game’s launch in 2017, fans have seen countless characters and franchises appear on Fortnite Island, ranging from a wide variety of mediums such as movies, video games, television, and even comics. Even once exclusive characters for consoles, such as Master Chief from the Halo series and Kratos from God of War, got into Fortnite and became available for purchase on all platforms.

Throughout various seasons and chapters, comic book properties have apparently been the most popular content to add. In fact, Marvel has been quite active in Epic Games and Fortnite with time-limited modes including the Infinity Gauntlet and dedicated seasons with storylines revolving around the world-eater Galactus trying to invade. There was even a comic book crossover in which Marvel and Fortnite characters team up again in a Nexus War-style event.

DC also took part in the fun, offering the opportunity to purchase cosmetics for the most popular characters, such as Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker and others. Fortnite fans can now choose another Teen Titans member, as Princess Coriand’r of Tamaran, also known as Starfire, is now available. Here’s how players can unlock Starfire.

Unlocking Starfire

While Fortnite adds a variety of events with unique skins, such as the recent Dragon Ball crossover special, Starfire’s appearance coincides with many other crossover-style characters. Over the next few days during Season 3 of Chapter 3, players must head to the Fortnite store, where they can spend B-bucks to purchase Starfire and its individual accessories. Individually, the Starfire skin costs 1500 B-bucks, the pickaxe costs 800, and her emotion is only 300.

However, it is also possible to purchase everything as part of the package. Here’s what’s included.

What is included in the package

For fans who want everything at once, there is an all-in-one package in the Fortnite in-game store that will cost players only 2,600 B-bucks (currently only 1,800 are on sale). INSIDE the package, players receive:

The skin of the Starfire character. It has an alternative selectable style that enlivens her hair, giving it more of a fiery glow underneath. Sil’hi trinkets on the back. Also known as Silky, it is the larva of the mutant Starfire moth that Teen Titans Go fans should be well acquainted with. The Starbolt hasting tool. In fact, it is a green glow representing the ability of Starfire to shoot bolts from the hands. The Starfire Flourish emotion is when the character spins as if he is floating in the air and then launches starships from both hands. The Starfire Flies loading screen.

Fortnite can be played for free on PC, mobile devices, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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