Fortnite: how to complete a lap on the race track


“Complete a lap on the race track after the starting countdown” is the task of the No Sweat summer event in the 3rd season of Fortnite. Completing this task will earn players 15,000 XP — a sufficient reward that will help fans progress towards unlocking battle Pass items, such as costumes for Darth Vader, Evie and Sabine. Also, this weekly challenge is exceptionally simple compared to the other PvP-related challenges in Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 3, making it a great way to quickly earn some experience for your battle pass.

To get started, Fortnite fans must get to the waterway located in the bay on the east side of the Battle Royale map. In particular, players need to go to a small bay to the north of the Mighty Monument and to the west of the launch pad. As for the named attractions, this area can be found in the bay northeast of Sanctuary and southeast of Daily Bugle. Upon arrival, participants should look for two elongated floating platforms with tents. Both of these platforms will have an accessible motorboat raft, free for public use.

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After landing at the location indicated in the task “Complete a lap on the race track after the countdown to the start”, the quest “Summer event without sweat” in Fortnite, Chapter 3, season 3, players must approach any of the motorized rafts and press the appropriate key to pilot. jet ski. Then drive straight up to the yellow forests and wait for the countdown to start. After 15 seconds, the green light will light up, signaling the driver about the start of the race. However, keep in mind that players must wait patiently for the countdown to end.; otherwise, the quest cannot be completed properly.

Completing the Rowing Race in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

As soon as the lights on the scaffolding turn green, start moving towards the first rings arching out of the water in the northeast. The water track is full of these rings and the racers have to pass through them to complete the race. The edges of the hoops will light up with a bright blue glow, indicating to the player that they are moving in the right direction. In addition, large buoys with red balls will help drivers in Fortnite keep track of where the next ring is on the track.

Along the way, players will encounter ramps where they can perform aerial stunts on their boats. For some reason, these ramps contain errors and cause the driver to fall if the surrounding waves are below the starting point of the ramp. Therefore, it is better to ignore them in order to complete the task faster. Keep in mind that there is no time limit to complete the race, so players can take their time to complete a lap of the round-robin boat race in Fortnite.


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