Fortnite: How to catch 3 seconds of air while driving a motorboat


Fortnite is constantly releasing new quests for players, giving them various tasks on the island in exchange for large chunks of XP or cosmetic rewards. Despite the fact that Fortnite has just turned five years old, there may be more quest content packed into the game than ever before, including catching at least three seconds of air while driving a motorboat.

Epic Games’ consistently popular free battle royale is currently in the midst of Chapter 3 Season 3. The game recently received a major No Sweat Summer update that updated several POIs, added several new quest lines (including this one), cosmetics, and more.

How to catch 3 seconds of air behind the wheel of a motor boat

Although the Fortnite quest directive seems clear enough, this task is easier said than done. Players will obviously need to go to a body of water to find a boat, the largest of which will be the bay east of Sanctuary, where the newly created boat racing track is located.

However, just jumping on ramps is almost impossible to get enough airtime. Players can try two different methods: either find a fault on one of the nearby islands, or pick up a boat close enough to catch the updraft surrounding the Mighty Monument.

Both methods require a certain determination and acceleration over land, but either of them should give enough airtime to complete the quest.

However, there is another place that can be used to complete the quest, and it may be less contested. Players can head to Loot Lake, where they can take a boat and find a launch pad in the center. Drive along the platform at full standard speed on the boat and press the acceleration while in the air. The joint effort should give the players the three seconds of motorboat flight needed to complete the quest.

If players choose the Loot Lake route instead of the boat race route, they can then head east to Kony Junction, the best place to complete the doorbell quest until it breaks. Also as part of the Fortnite No Sweat Summer quest line, players must ring three different doorbells on the map.

There are only a few other suitable places with any doorbells, and the only other place with enough doorbells is the Greasy Grove, which is not the best place to catch three seconds of air on a motorboat.

Of course, if fans want to try to complete the quest “without being noticed”, they can purchase a new John Cena skin, which comes complete with the emotion U Can’t C Me Emote.

Fortnite is a free game for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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