Fortnite: How to align three mirrors


When players complete the fifth part of Fortnite Vibin’ Quest, they will be asked to align three mirrors. This task is performed at Shuffled Shrines, a named location in the southeastern quadrant of the map, and fans who complete it will receive a third relic shard. For those players who may be struggling to align the three mirrors in Fortnite, this guide contains complete information about the task and will help fans get to the final section of Vibin’ Quest Part 5.

Fortnite: Combine three mirrors

As noted earlier, players trying to align three mirrors should turn their attention to Shuffled Shrines. More precisely, they should search in the southwest corner of this place, and they will find an access point to the dungeon in this position. While the nature of Shuffled Shrines means that this hotspot may not always look the same, Fortnite fans should always find a mirror as soon as they walk through it.

After finding this mirror, players must interact with the object to tilt it. This will cause the beam of light reflected from the mirror to shift slightly, and now it will direct the fans directly to the second mirror, which they should align. To perform this alignment, players must simply interact with the second mirror, and then they must follow the tuned beam of light to the last mirror. Again, players must interact with this mirror to level it up, and they will complete this step in Fortnite Vibin’ Quest when it is done.

When the last mirror is aligned, the beam of light directed by the fans will hit the fragment of the relic that is on the wall. Players must collect this shard, and then go to the pedestal to the northwest of the Sanctuary, where you can customize the shard. When this setup is done, fans will have access to the final section of Vibin’ Quest Part 5, which requires them to enter the main room in Shuffled Shrines and combine the shards of the relic.

To complete this task, players will need to solve the Fortnite Shuffled Shrines puzzle. This is done by searching for a number of symbols scattered around the location, and then using these symbols to change the orientation of some small stone obelisks. Although this process can be a bit tedious, players who have put in some effort should go through it pretty quickly.

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