Fortnite: How can I find the character rare and Bigfoot?


Fortnite fans may cross paths with Bigfoot in Season 5. We explain how to find him in the game. Fortnite fans were able to jump into Season 5 a few weeks ago. It is possible to find Bigfoot and we give you some clues about it.

Epic Games knows what to do to keep players going. The video game has been a huge success for several years and millions of gamers play it. After a very successful Season 4, fans were able to jump into Season 5.

The video game celebrated the end of the year with a pretty decor. Something to please the fans and especially attract them. Then, the game also very often provides skins that wink at Marvel or DC.

In this new season of Fortnite, fans can meet many NPCs. Some look good in the decor while others have a real use, explains Dexerto. Among the characters, gamers can cross paths with Bigfoot.

Still, Bigfoot is not an easy character to see in the video game. You have to be very careful and we explain how to have a chance to meet him.


Players have been trying to catch Bigfoot in Fortnite for days. However, as with other NPCs, it is possible to see the rare character in several different locations. Yet what makes the NPC so hard to get hold of is that he is and never stays in one place for long.

However, to have a chance to see Bigfoot, you have to go see Bunker Jonesy. This one can be found at Camp Cod in Shipwreck Cove. Don’t hesitate to make contact and pay 100 ingots to get info on Bigfoot.

Once the money is handed over, Jonesy will donate Bigfoot’s location on the Fortnite map. You just have to go there to find the famous rare character. Better still be careful when you approach him, that he doesn’t get scared and run away …

And how do I talk to Bigfoot? It is possible to make contact with the NPC, but it will be necessary to give a Zero Point fish.


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