Fortnite Hosts Event With Speech by Martin Luther King


From now on, Fortnite players will have access to one of the most famous speeches of recent times: I Have a Dream, uttered by Martin Luther King and brought to the game in a work by Time Studios.

The action in question, which has educational purposes, is an experience within Fortnite Creative called March Through Time and allows players to travel to Washington in 1963 to hear the famous speech. In addition, areas such as the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall can also be visited by players – just look for the link in the Discover Menu or enter the special code 3815-8892-143.

Check out a little of this project in the following video:

In addition to the speech and visits, players can also participate in small minigames and even get the DC 63 painting to use in matches.

So, what did you think of the action? Leave your message in the space below for comments.


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