Fortnite: Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy skin arrives this week


Fortnite: Epic Games and Sony confirmed on Tuesday (13) that the Aloy skin, from Horizon: Zero Dawn, will be released later this week in Fortnite. According to the statement, Nora will join the battle royale as part of the Legends of the Games collection, arriving on April 15 with several items inspired by the adventure of Guerrilla Games.

Check out the step by step below to get the expansion.

Aloy Cup

On April 14, the Aloy Cup will start on PS4 and PS5, being played in pairs. For a limited period of three hours, participants are expected to survive up to ten matches, obtaining bonus scores with bow eliminations and aiming to stand out among the best in the region. The winners of the competition will instantly win the warrior’s skin, with the right to early access in relation to the official launch.

Dynamic Duo: Lara and Aloy

In this Duos mode, players will be automatically designated as Aloy or Lara Croft, who only have a double bow and pistol, respectively. The event will be accessible from April 16 to 18, and will place participants to fight wildlife and improve their playing styles and skills.

Individual purchase

Players will be able to obtain Aloy’s costume individually at a cost from the game store. However, for those interested in obtaining a loading screen exclusive to the game, it will be necessary to purchase the full Horizon Zero Dawn package. In addition, whoever purchases the costume and plays Fortnite on PS5 will enable the Aloy Ice Hunter style, inspired by the Banuk Ice Hunter outfit.

Fortnite is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC.


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