Fortnite: Google voids Epic Games antitrust case


The fight between Apple and Epic Games continues in full swing, but Google seems ready to take another turn in the legal dispute against the Fortnite developer.

Google’s lawyers made a request to the court responsible for the trial to invalidate the lawsuit filed – which could end the dispute even before it formally started.

Google’s main argument is that the lawsuit involving Fortnite on Android should not be dismissed along with the lawsuit against iOS. The company argues that the business models of both are quite different and that they should not be taken in an equivalent way. This strategy probably involves an attempt to escape greater penalties, since the Google Play Store, unlike the App Store, allows software to be loaded from outside (via APK) and frees the installation of third-party stores.

The fight against Epic Games

In addition, Google has agreed that antitrust lawsuits involving Android will be heard jointly. The company has at least two major lawsuits filed in 2020 in the United States by developers of Android applications involving allegations of monopoly and strangulation of competition.

According to FOSS Patents, both cases should be heard only in 2021, but it is possible that Apple will be the first to appear in court – especially if the request for invalidation and separation of cases is accepted.

Epic Games sued Google in the same vein as the disputes against Apple after the Fortnite game was banned from both platforms for trying to monetize on microtransactions without going through the companies’ digital stores, which require a 30% fee on the price any acquisition. The case against Apple is more serious and the app won’t even be updated on iOS devices with content from the next seasons.

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