Fortnite: Google Goes To Court Against Epic Games


Fortnite: After going to court against Apple — and losing — Epic Games now has another opponent in the US court. This time the fight will be with Google, which is suing the developer of Fortnite.

The problem started in August of last year, when Epic deliberately applied a hotfix to its popular battle royale, enabling players to make in-game purchases at cheaper prices. This discount on game store fees wasn’t simply a gift from Epic: the company was skipping a step in the payment process, dodging the middleman and its 30% fee on financial transactions.

Thus, without charging the extra percentage, the producer could offer cheaper prices on the purchase of V-Bucks and packages at the game store. Apple and Google didn’t take long to realize what happened, and soon removed the battle royale from their respective app stores. Epic sought to resolve the bullshit in the courts, accusing Apple of monopoly on its App Store, but ended up losing the dispute.

And now it’s the search giant’s turn to take the lead. In anticipation of the new legal battle, the company filed a lawsuit against Epic, claiming that the breach of contract was intentional.

According to the corporation, the creator of the battle royale would not only have broken the developer distribution agreement (DDA), but would also have gotten rich at the expense of the Play Store and exposed the app store to potentially dangerous security breaches.

“As a direct result of Epic’s breach of contract, Google was harmed, including the loss of the DDA’s ‘service fee’ globally, and the Google Play ecosystem was harmed because the hotfix potentially exposed a security vulnerability that could be exploited for even more nefarious purposes”, says the text of the process. The information is from the Video Games Chronicle.


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