Fortnite Finally Back: Discover What’s New!


Players around the world were very worried that this was the end of Fortnite. Fortunately, the publishers only prepared several novelties. MCE explains everything!

The world of gaming shuddered with impatience. By the end of season 10, Fortnite publishers have seen things in big ways. Instead of a traditional end of season, they created a real event. Guest on Twitch, their community has largely responded. A black hole has caused trouble. Unavailable, some even claimed that the game was over. But the game is back for a new season. Or rather for a new chapter.

This new chapter is a real blessing for the game. Even if it remains number 1, its competitors are starting to catch up. Apex or PUBG, for example, are gaining market share. This new dust chapter Fortnite and offers him a new impetus. Thanks to several novelties.

For starters, the frame has been completely redesigned. A new map has therefore appeared. Players who began to miss the redundancy of the parties will therefore be served. The progression of experience is also a facelift. It will be possible to level up by performing fairly basic missions. But another novelty will save a lot of time for the biggest gamers.

Indeed, it will now be possible to restart a game without returning to the main menu. A time saving that will connect the parties more quickly. Another novelty rather fun, it is possible to fish. Amazing but far from useless. Because this activity will allow players to fish items and weapons. An ever more crazy world.

Many other devices completely change the habits of Fortnite players. The cards seem so rebated and will allow some players to return to the top. So, at your controllers!

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