Fortnite Episode 2: Season 2 Begins Today with Top Secret Theme


Fortnite Episode 2: Season 2 started as of today. Released with a top secret theme, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 looks all about agents.

Fortnite, Chapter 2 ended the first season recently, and launched Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 today. Fortnite Episode 2: Season 2’s main theme was “agents”. This time the game will feature agent-themed skins, weapons and equipment.

Fortnite Episode 2: There will be two separate groups of agents called Light and Dark in Season 2. In Limited Time Operations, players will infiltrate enemy bases and be rewarded with new powerful and unique weapons themed agents.

The agent theme of the game is strengthened with other equipment. During the game, players will be able to find trap bombs, proximity mines and different outfits that can sabotage their opponents. In addition, hidden places to hide from competitors are among the content added to the game. Players will be able to destroy security cameras and automatic turrets to hide themselves.

Fortnite adds Top Secret crates, similar to the Apex Legends crates that it introduced with the new map released last season. These safes can be opened with the found key cards. However, it is not clear which enemies need to be destroyed to obtain key cards.

The game’s Battle Pass gameplay video provides more information about Fortnite Episode 2: Season 2. Fortnite Episode 2: Along with Season 2, a number of characters like Hazard, Midas, Image and Tinamit are unlocked. The tasks in the matches will be completed and the special views for Dark and Light versions will be opened. Characters can be customized with dark or light colors by completing missions.

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The Battle Pass gameplay video ends with an image of the new Deadpool skin to be added to the game. It is not yet clear how the deadpool skins will be won. However, his appearance in the Battle Pass video shows that he will come as a reward.


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