Fortnite: Epic and Apple Discuss Peeled Banana In Court


Fortnite: The legal bullshit between Apple and Epic, the producer of the successful Fortnite, is still far from over, and the trial is currently in one of its most bizarre acts, as the two companies are fighting over a peeled banana. That’s right, you read that right: a banana without clothes!

The fruit in question, of course, is none other than Peely, and one of the funniest points of the audience involved a discussion about the presence or not of clothes on the avatar. “When he’s in a suit, he’s called Agent Peely,” said the Apple lawyer. “and as we are at the federal court this morning, I thought it was better to show the dressed version than the peeled banana.”

Why wrap a banana?

More than a harmless joke, the comment has serious legal implications, as Apple is also accusing Epic of hosting pornographic material in its store, the Epic Games Store.

When Epic’s lawyer took the floor, she rescued the issue. “Is there anything inappropriate about seeing this banana without clothes? Can we put it here on the screen? Is there anything inappropriate about Peely?”

Although Peely was not the focal point of the controversy, it is still bizarre to see the harmless character being the target of attacks by lawyers. All because Epic wants iOS to accept alternative stores like yours, while Apple argues that it would expose consumers to products of dubious quality.

The case still seems far from the end, so let’s keep a close eye on the next chapters of this novel. Stay tuned on Voxel’s coverage so you don’t miss any chapter of this legal battle, and tell us here in the comments what you think of Peely!