Fortnite Dreamhack Open Online tournament


The competition will be 100% online and will face the players in Duos tournaments: we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

The new year begins with Fortnite competitions. Players will be able to compete in the Dreamhack Open Online Tournament, which, as its name suggests, will take place online, without having to go to any venue to participate. Along the lines of this type of format, players will fight to qualify for the semifinals and the final. It is a duos tournament with two participation requirements: be at least 13 years old and have correctly registered on the official website.

According to the information, “each month there will be a prize of $ 250,000 at stake.” Both European and North American players will have the opportunity to show their skills. Spectators, meanwhile, will be able to follow the day-to-day running of the tournament through the Twitch broadcasts, which will feature professional commentators and analysis. And when will it take place? This same month of January.

How to register to participate in the Dreamhack Open Online Tournament

To register, make sure you meet the requirements we discussed earlier. After checking, just click on this link, which takes you directly to a form that you must fill out (email, first name, last name, date of birth, country, Fortnite username and team if you are part of one) ). No confirmation email will be sent, but registered users will be able to view the “Registered” tag in their Epic Games account.

The tournament format responds to these characteristics:

There will be open qualifiers where 250 duos from each Heat will qualify for the semi-finals.
Each duo will be able to play a maximum of 10 games during the three hours of the Heat.
The semi-finals will be with 500-750 duos and 50 duos will advance to the Grand Final. Each duo can play a maximum of 10 games during the 3 hours of the Heat.
The grand final will be 8 games in a row with scheduled times. A new game will start every 40 minutes.


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