Fortnite Cubes Are Moving And Reproducing


Fortnite: Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale kicked off last week bringing back an old acquaintance of players. The mysterious purple cube, which was responsible for several events in the previous chapter, arrived on the island alongside several other cubes. What’s more, they are now reproducing.

Players who have followed the plot of Chapter 1 of the Epic Games battle royale may remember when the enigmatic structure arrived on the island, without warning or apparent reason. He was christened Kevin by the community, and spent weeks rolling towards Lago do Saque, revealing the existence of the Vault and Ponto Zero.


During “Sky On Fire”, the final event of last season, players were abducted by the Mothership and were taken by surprise when they ran into not just one, but several Kevins (confirming their alien origins). Following Dr. Slone’s plans, the players — or loopers, as they are referred to in the game — helped activate and convert a cube, as well as destroy the alien spacecraft. On the other hand, they ended up releasing several cuboids on the map.

Fortnite cubes are reproducing

At the very end of the event, players had a terrifying vision of the interior of the alien ship, with thousands of Kevins glowing with their characteristic purple. However, something else caught our attention: a small golden dot in the distance revealed what would become the Cube Queen.

Earlier in the season, we found out that she landed near the Arborizada Alameda, from where she set off on what appears to be a pilgrimage towards the other cuboids. On Twitter, players shared images that show the Queen activating a cube in the rubble southeast of Costa Convicta.

Shortly thereafter, the newly activated Kevin began to reproduce, creating smaller cubes around it. Apparently, the cubic family will follow a route towards the same destination as the Golden Queen.


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