Fortnite Confirms Link between Meowscles and Meow Skulls


A newly discovered interaction in Fortnite confirms the connection between Meowscles and Meow Skulls. Along with the already classic gameplay, new tricks continue to be introduced in the game, from special movements of superheroes and anime to a completely new sliding strike that improves existing mechanics for new purposes.

As is usually the case, the last Fortnite seasons coincided with the release of new skins, both in the form of crossovers and original characters for the inner universe of Fortnite. One of them is Meow Skulls, an anthropomorphic catwoman, very similar to the previous original creation of Fortnite, and it turns out there is a good reason for this.

A player under the nickname SuperAlex25 on Reddit found that interacting with Meowscles on the map in the Meow Skulls skin gives an idea of their relationship. Being a relatively new skin, many players use Meow Skulls to collect Chrome Splash and fight on Fortnite islands, so it was only a matter of time before it became known. According to the dialogue option when hiring Meowskull as a Meow-Skull, Meowskull is actually the older brother of Meow-Skull. This dialog option only appears for Meow Skulls, so there is no other way to interpret it.

Okay, Sister Meow, not Kit. I’m getting better. from FortniteBR

In the dialogue, Meowless tells the Meow Skulls not to worry and that she still has time to “sort it out, sis,” telling her that she will find her place. What exactly she is trying to find her place in is unclear, although perhaps he is referring to her overall outfit. Whatever problems Meow Skulls is facing is unclear, since, unlike crossover skins such as the recently added Spider-Gwen, Meow Skulls has no officially revealed backstory. Her sibling relationship with Meaussles is now more than the players know about her.

It is not surprising that the Meow and Meow Skulls are related, the only surprise is the nature of their family relationships. In addition to the fact that they both seem to be the same kind of cats, the name Meow Skull is almost a homophone of the name Meow. This is about at the level of the new Mending Machines, so nothing unusual for Fortnite.

How much interest the Skull’s Meow will arouse is still unclear, but being a calm Gothic cat, she has a chance to find a great response from the players. Whether this will make it more popular than the new SypherPK Icon skin, only time will tell.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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