Fortnite commemorates Black Panther Chadwick Boseman


For a few hours, Epic Games has placed a statue of the Marvel panther, where fans have paid their respects. The world of cinema was frozen to learn that Chadwick Boseman, the protagonist of the film adaptation of Black Panther, had died of colon cancer.

Since then, the tributes have followed one another and have also reached video games. As published by Eurogamer, Epic Games erected a statue of Marvel’s panther in Fortnite, their successful battle royale, which players have used to pay their corresponding tribute to Boseman.

Now, fans are asking Epic Games to launch a Black Panther skin, always under the premise that all proceeds go to charity. Marvel and Epic Games have an agreement to publish certain content related to comics, hence the release of skins and other add-ons related to superheroes. Therefore, the arrival of the statue of Black Panther, which has only been in the game for a few hours, is not a reaction to the tragic event of last week, but corresponds to the content plan that they already had outlined, indicates the medium British.

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