Fortnite Chapter 3: Where to get pulse Grenades and how they work


Fortnite always tries to keep things fresh. In addition to the rather fast pace of its seasons, which in themselves entail radical changes, the free game regularly releases interim updates, changing everything from POIs to NPCs, quest lines, weapons and much more. The latest Fortnite update removes long-dormant pulse grenades from storage, which some may need to refresh their memory to find out exactly how they work.

The pulse grenade, first introduced in the second season of Fortnite, is a throwing object that throws players and vehicles into the blast radius. This item works similarly to the popular Shockwave Grenade item, except that it doesn’t reduce fall damage and (at least the last time it wasn’t a jump) has no effect on friendly players.

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Where to get pulse grenades

As of August 12, Fortnite officially got rid of the Pulse Grenade, which can now be found on the island. Pulse grenades are part of a common loot pool, meaning they can be found in chests, supplies, and on the ground.

How they work

As mentioned earlier, pulse grenades are used to launch players or vehicles in almost any direction. Like shockwave grenades, pulse grenades do no damage, making them more of a tactical item than a real weapon.

Exploding rapidly upon landing, experienced players can use Pulse Grenades to commit serious destruction.

Categorized as rare items, players shouldn’t have much difficulty tracking some pulse grenades, and they can stack up to nine in one item slot.

While Pulse Grenades may be the only item that failed to be saved, it’s not the only thing that comes back. Fortnite UFOs have reappeared on the island, finally giving Chapter 3, Season 3, a flying machine. The spaceship, also called the Saucer, was first introduced in the 2nd chapter of the 7th season, dedicated to the alien invasion. Unlike pulse grenades, UFOs/saucers only appear in six specific locations on the map, which probably makes the vehicle a marketable commodity.

Fortnite seems to be in a band of unmanageable, long-dormant throwing objects. In addition to the return of pulse grenades, Fortnite has also removed debris faults. Garbage cracks, not seen since the first chapter of the Battle Royale, are thrown objects that create a crack over an abandoned place, resulting in a large inanimate object being dropped.

The item erases any structures in its path, making it a useful weapon against opponents who like to build. The re-addition of Junk Rift and Impulse Grenade opens up some dynamic gameplay, allowing players to use some additional destruction techniques other than direct shootout.

Fortnite can be played for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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